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Core Services Summary

  • Audit and assurance

    We provide internal audit and business advisory services to a number of not for profit organisations. We can assist you by advising on strategic and operational risks, advising on enhancements to governance and management arrangements, and supporting and challenging management in promoting the achievement of their objectives. We have extensive experience of providing a professional and cost effective Internal Audit service across a wide range of public sector organisations.

  • European Aided Project

    Whilst we recognise there will be significant changes around the UK’s future membership of the EU, the current 2014-2020 round of EU programmes is now fully operational, bringing with it changes to the procurement of audit services for EU funded projects. As an experienced provider of First Level Controller services, we know there will be hurdles and regulations that project manager’s face in order to successfully deliver such projects, we are well placed to support you.

  • Fraud and forensic solutions

    Organisations have a duty to ensure that money is spent appropriately and effectively. Part of this duty often incorporates a zero tolerance to fraud and corruption, with robust investigation of any such allegations. Our team of experienced counter fraud specialists can advise on how to prevent detect and investigate instances of fraud and corruption. We have extensive knowledge of investigating frauds and have specialist equipment allowing us to forensically interrogate ICT equipment, conducting our investigations in a professional and sensitive way.

  • Governance

    Governance can be seen as the decision-making process of an organisation and how these decisions are implemented. To ensure this process works effectively, a robust governance framework is essential. We have valuable experience in advising organisations on their governance arrangements and offer a range of services that will assist you.

  • Transformational change and project management

    Your aim will always be that projects/programmes deliver the required solutions on time, within budget and to specification. For this to happen, projects require strong project management, clear governance arrangements and good leadership. All too often projects are delayed with deadlines missed and, in the worst cases projects fail. Our project and change management auditors have the skills and experience to understand projects and the issues that can derail your aims and objectives. We can help ensure that you have in place the right mix of people, and that your processes and systems will manage your projects efficiently and effectively. We can also provide proactive advice on business process re-engineering projects so that you can maximise benefits whilst minimising the risks.

  • Grant claims

    A considerable percentage of an organisation’s income can relate to specific grants allocated for key projects. The financial regulations relating to grant claims are often stringent and failure to comply can put all of your funding at risk. We can help you design your systems so that your audit trail is robust, complete and secure, and that your evidence will stand up to external scrutiny.

  • Information systems assurance

    All organisations rely upon effective IT systems to support their key business processes, and the impact of IT failure is significant. IT systems are all subject to malicious attack or can sometimes fail, sometimes this can be due to poor design of the systems, weak configuration settings, failure to apply security patches, or poor security management. Firewalls and anti-virus technologies are prone to vulnerabilities and those determined to hack systems are constantly developing new ways to exploit security weaknesses. Our team has good practical knowledge and experience in information technology and information security reviews and will provide you with appropriate recommendations to help you in this complex area. We offer you a variety of services to help you manage the risks associated with technology facing your business.

  • Procurement, contracts and financial assessment

    The need to get the best provider for your services is paramount in a climate of reducing financial envelopes; establishing trusted long term relationships with suppliers that will help you achieve your objectives is crucial. Contract law and European requirements make contracting a potential area of risk if procedures are not followed as expected. Our aim is to help you develop your systems so that you obtain best value for money, and to give advice and guidance on the procurement processes required meeting EU legislation. With our Strategic Partner, Audit West, we can also assist in the provision of an assessment service on the viability of contractors, including ongoing monitoring of your supplier’s viability.

  • Risk management

    The need for an effective risk management process in any organisation is well recognised with significant importance linked to corporate governance and performance management. If your organisation is keen to ensure your goals are achieved and objectives maximised you will want assurance that your risk management is effective in providing control yet without being burdensome in layers of bureaucracy. We aim to help you with embedding a simple and effective system tailored to the level of the service you provide. We offer a range of risk management services to help you manage your risks including developing policies and strategies for managing risk, Training for staff, managers, members, governors, audit committees and the Board as well as seminars and workshops to facilitate the process of risk identification & evaluation.

  • Education

    We provide a high quality, professional and valued service to the education sector, bringing added value to clients and stakeholders. We are dedicated to maintaining and strengthening our position as a leader in providing quality internal audit services and assurance to educational establishment, governors, staff and pupils, through a team of highly experienced and enthusiastic people, sharing a tradition of integrity and rigorous service to its clients.

  • Business continuity

    Working with our Strategic Partner, Audit West, we can provide assessments, development of action plans, testing, and ongoing review and support.

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