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Customer Satisfaction

We are here to achieve the best for our customers and the people of Devon; identifying and addressing their needs is at the heart of everything we do. In working with people we aim to listen; to be fair, open and honest; and to do what we say we will do.

In November 2021, our ongoing commitment to providing a class leading service with a strong customer focus was reconfirmed with nationally recognised accreditation for Customer Service Excellence. Customer Service Excellence Certificate November 2021.

Customer Care Policy

We have prepared and maintain a Customer Care Policy to help ensure we meet our customers needs. You can find a copy of our policy here.

Customer Testimonials – Testimonials from our clients can be seen on our case studies and testimonials page.

Latest Customer Satisfaction Scores

Customer Focus

Meeting the needs of customers is a key marker of our success and to enable us to better monitor our progress in this area we have developed a Customer Engagement Strategy.

Devon Assurance Partnership uses a range of feedback and consultation methods to assess customer views and comments.

Mechanism Source /Frequency
Customer implementation of audit findings Audit de-brief and follow-up processes
Customer – Audit Feedback Forms Customers asked to complete a feedback questionnaire for each audit
Customer – Attendance at management team meetings Audit staff attend relevant management teams to discuss issues and obtain feedback
Periodic meetings with Director of Finance or named contact within each client Section 151 Officers are essentially the client officers for the Partnership and these sessions are intended to discuss performance, client needs and other issues affecting the Partnership or the client.
Customer – Audit Committee Quarterly attendance at respective Audit Committees with 6 monthly reports as to performance and key issues
Staff – Team Meetings Staff have regular team meetings and appraisals and are invited to make comment about audit workload, customer views etc
Partnership Management Board Quarterly meetings to discuss progress of partnership, performance and future needs / direction
Partnership Committee Meets twice a year and focuses on Partnership performance and customer needs


Our Service Standards

We regularly review our service standards to ensure we are meeting partner and customer needs. Our current standards can be found here.

Submit a suggestion to Devon Assurance Partnership

We trust that the services we provide meet the needs of you and your organisation. A minimum level of assurance is required under legislation and many areas of work we cover are governed by both legislation and Codes of Practice. Within those constraints we are happy to consider suggestions which our clients may have relating to the services we provide. If you have a suggestion please email it to Tony Rose, Head of Audit Partnership, giving full details of your suggestion and the perceived advantages / benefits.

However, if our service has not met your expectations and you wish to raise a complaint, please email Tony Rose or call Tony on 01392 383000. Should you wish to receive a copy of our complaints policy please email or call any of the team and they will provide a copy to you.


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We are a people based service that prides itself on our ability to listen to and engage with our clients. We offer a wide range of options for you to be able to contact the most relevant person to meet your needs.

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