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Audit Services

The range of audit services we offer are summarised below with links to further information. If you would like to discuss any of our services please contact us.

Internal Audit

We provide internal audit and business advisory services to a number of not for profit organisations. We can assist you by advising on strategic and operational risks, advising on enhancements to governance and management arrangements, and supporting and challenging management in promoting the achievement of their objectives. We have extensive experience of providing a professional and cost effective Internal Audit service across a wide range of public sector organisations


We provide a high quality, professional and valued service to the education sector, bringing added value to clients and stakeholders. We are dedicated to maintaining and strengthening our position as a leader in providing quality internal audit services and assurance to educational establishment, governors, staff and pupils, through a team of highly experienced and enthusiastic people, sharing a tradition of integrity and rigorous service to its clients.

IT Audit and Cyber Health Checks

Our team has good practical knowledge and experience in information technology and information security reviews and will provide you with appropriate recommendations to help you in this complex area. We offer you a variety of services to help you manage the risks associated with technology facing your business.

Procurement Assurance

Our team can help you:

  • Develop effective processes to manage the tendering arrangements
  • Help develop Supplier and Contract Performance Management arrangements
  • Review your processes, making recommendations to ensure ‘best value’.

We are able to call upon specialist contract guidance from our host partner (Devon County Council) where the need arises.

Project and Programme Assurance

We can help your organisation improve its ability to identify, address and mitigate project risks. Our team can work with you to:

  • Provide an objective assessment of your project management approach and methodology
  • Work with you to establish a strong and effective project governance structures
  • Provide proactive advice on business process re-engineering projects so that you can maximise benefits whilst minimising the risks
  • Help you to measure project management performance and overall success.

EU Audit and Compliance

As an experienced provider of First Level Controller services, we know there will be hurdles and regulations that project manager’s face in order to successfully deliver such projects, we are well placed to support you.

Grant Certification

A considerable percentage of an organisation’s income can relate to specific grants allocated for key projects. The certification requirements relating to grant claims are often stringent and failure to comply can put all of your funding at risk. We can help you design your systems so that your audit trail is robust, complete and secure, and that your evidence will stand up to external scrutiny.

Port and Marine

We have staff who are fully trained and qualified in fulfilling the Designated Person role in relation to assessment and audit against the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC). As a Harbour Authority, assessment and audit against this code will provide you with the necessary independent assurance that your marine safety management systems are operating effectively.

Value for Money

VFM audit is a systematic, purposeful, organised and objective examination of an organisation’s activities with a particular focus on the arrangements for securing economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

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