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Risk management

The need for an effective risk management process in any organisation is well recognised, with significant importance linked to corporate governance and performance management. If your organisation is keen to ensure your goals are achieved and objectives maximised you will want assurance that your risk management is effective in providing control, yet without being burdensome in layers of bureaucracy.

Our approach is to provide you with assurance on managing risk and helping you seek a balance between achieving goals and the kind of poor management of risk that hinders economy and effectiveness.

We aim to help you with embedding a simple and effective system tailored to the level of the service you provide.

We offer a range of risk management services to help you. These include:

  • Developing policies and strategies for managing risk
  • Training for staff, managers, members, governors, audit committees and the
    Board to recognise and manage risks
  • Seminars and workshops to facilitate the process of risk identification and evaluation
  • Longer programmes of input to support the coordination and improvement of
    risk management

If you would like to discuss any of our services please contact us.

Our clients say:

The auditor was very engaging and has an excellent grasp of risk management principles and practice – this made for an effective review which will be pivotal in effecting the changes required to our risk management arrangements.

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