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Counter Fraud Services

Alarm Risk Awards Winner 2018

Our Counter Fraud Team won Team of the Year in Alarm Risk Awards 2018. They have also won the Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally Award in 2019 for their work in Fraud ‘Prevention’ and were ‘Highly Commended’ in Government Counter Fraud Awards 2019

Local authorities continue to face a significant and unprecedented fraud challenges. Official figures are dated, however the argument for protecting the public purse remains a renewed priority. The National Fraud Authority estimated local authorities face the threat of £2.1bn fraud a year in 2013. In fact, the Annual Fraud Indicator produced by Crowe Clark Whitehill estimates that figure may be as high as £7.8bn in 2017, out of a total of £40.4bn for the public sector as a whole. The Government’s Economic Crime Plan states that the numbers of fraud offences rose by 12% during 2018 to 3.6 million – constituting a third of all crimes in the UK.

Our Counter Fraud Services Team is managed by Ken Johnson, an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist.

Why is it important to tackle fraud?

Fraudulent activity has significant impacts in organisations, communities and on individuals. Tackling fraud can show that you are:

  • Preventing financial losses at a time of severe austerity, helping safeguard front line services for those in genuine need
  • Avoiding reputational damage by being seen to take the risk of fraudulent activity seriously
  • Improving the morale of those who work for you and with you by showing that you have a zero tolerance approach to those who commit fraud
  • Improved trust from your customers whilst ensuring compliance with legal and moral obligations

How can DAP help you?

DAP’s approach can assist your organisation in reducing the risk of fraud at a time when doing more with less is more important than ever. We can help you put measures in place which prevent fraud and enable you to detect it when it does happen. We can also provide a complete investigation service from discovery to prosecution if required.

What can we offer?

We have a wide Counter Fraud Service offer which helps organisations fulfil their duty to ensure that money is spent appropriately and effectively. Part of this duty incorporates a zero tolerance to fraud and corruption and the robust investigation of any such allegations.

A commitment that Our Vision is to be a leading provider of internal audit, counter fraud, risk management and other assurance services to public and not-for-profit organisations in the South West and beyond.

We have extensive investigation experience and specialist software and equipment which allow us to forensically investigate these types of crimes and deal with them appropriately. We can offer both proactive and reactive services which include:

  • Counter Fraud Policy and Strategy Development
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Professional Investigation Services
  • Fraud Awareness training to maximise your return on investment
  • Prosecution and advice on recovery processes
  • Data Matching Services
  • Compliance advice and audits
  • Support to develop your counter-fraud and corruption resilience and response
  • Strategies to enable you to take pro-active action
  • Support to create and embed counter-fraud routines across the organisation
  • Access to specialist software and certified Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist (ACFS) Investigators and legal team to enable a forensic criminal investigation using industry leading software and equipment (as used by law enforcement)

We also co-ordinate activities relating to the Cabinet Office’s National Fraud Initiative (NFI) for a number of our clients, acting as the organisations key contact, instigate the extraction of data from our clients systems, upload these data sets to the NFI website as well as co-ordinating the subsequent review of the data matches. If your organisation participates in the National Fraud Initiative we can  help manage this exercise for you.

Why Choose DAP?

We are experienced: The DAP Counter Fraud Team have a wealth of experience in investigating all types public sector fraud. All of our investigators are Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist with the support staff being Accredited Counter Fraud Technicians. We have a combined knowledge which includes thousands of investigations and hundreds of successful prosecutions for fraud offences in the areas of Council Tax, Social Housing, Insurance, Blue Badge, Concessionary Travel, Payroll and Pensions, Procurement and Social Care payments.

We are flexible: Choose a service that reflects your needs, tell us what you need and we will assist you in choosing the right service that makes most sense for you. We will tailor our services based upon your organisations individual and specific wants and needs.

We offer quality and results: DAP’s Counter Fraud Services team have a proven track record in criminal investigations. We have saved our customers over £6.1 million in cashable and non-cashable savings in the last 4 years. All investigations are undertaken and actioned in accordance with the Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act 1996 and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

DAP can offer further benefits linked to our audit and risk and assurance functions as well as providing access to partners who we are regularly involved with for investigation purposes, such as the Police, UK Border Agency, Department for Work and Pensions, Her Majesties Revenue and Customs and an effective Legal Team.

As a not-for-profit organisation we are very competitively priced. For further information please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and how we can meet them.

If we already support you in this area and you have a concern to raise you can do so by emailing or phoning 01392 382437. We will deal with your concern in a professional manner and in accordance with the Whistleblowing policy of your employer.

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