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EU Audit and Compliance

We can help you develop an effective control framework which helps support the achievement of objectives, whilst adhering to expected regulations.

Our core services include: Advice on the set up of a robust financial platform and audit trail. Detailed testing of submitted claims against scheme rules. Feedback on areas of concern, and suggestions on how these can be addressed. Tailored services to meet your project needs, working with your partners, advising and using them to maximise the effectiveness of your project. We are flexible in the services we offer and in the way we deliver them, covering not only the South West but the UK and Europe.

If you would like to discuss any of our services please contact us.

Our clients say:

I wanted to thank you personally for your work on the three projects. For all of the support you have offered during the FLC process. Thank you also for your flexibility with the payment claim schedules. When I started my job I remember being quite scared about the prospects of dealing with first level control external auditors, it sounded so serious! I’m really glad you and I managed to build a very good work relationship and were able to work together in a friendly and relaxed manner.

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We are a people based service that prides itself on our ability to listen to and engage with our clients. We offer a wide range of options for you to be able to contact the most relevant person to meet your needs.

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