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Port and Marine

We have staff who are fully trained and qualified in fulfilling the Designated Person role in relation to assessment and audit against the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC).

As a Harbour Authority, assessment and audit against this code will provide you with the necessary independent assurance that your marine safety management systems are operating effectively.

Department of Transport definition:

The PMSC establishes a national standard for every aspect of port marine safety and aims to enhance safety for those who use or work in ports, their ships, passengers and the environment.

Each harbour authority must appoint an individual as the designated person to provide independent assurance directly to the duty holder that the marine safety management system, for which the duty holder is responsible, is working effectively.

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Our clients say:

Devon Audit Partnership has provided the Tor Bay Harbour Authority with a comprehensive audit service for many years now. Throughout the whole process Devon Audit Partnership demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of not only the Port Marine Safety Code but harbour business operations. The outcome of the Port Marine Safety Code audit and the previous audit services provide me with the confidence to highly recommend the services of Devon Audit Partnership.

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