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Project and Programme Assurance

Your aim will always be that projects and programmes deliver the required solutions on time, within budget and to specification. For this to happen, projects require strong project management, clear governance arrangements and good leadership. All too often projects are delayed, deadlines can be missed and, in the worst cases, projects fail. All of these impact on your business, your performance and the service you provide.

All organisations face change, but we are currently facing an unprecedented level of change within the public sector as budget cuts start to bite. Change is now a requirement, not an option. How well an organisation achieves in the coming years is not down to what it changes but to how well it manages and implements change.

Our project and change management specialists have the skills and experience to understand projects, and changes to business, and the issues that can derail your aims and objective. We can help ensure that you have skilled your project with the right mix of your people, and that your processes and systems will manage your projects efficiently and effectively.

We can help your organisation improve its ability to identify, address and mitigate project risks. Our team can work with you to:

  • Provide an objective assessment of your project management approach and methodology
  • Work with you to establish a strong and effective project governance structures
  • Provide proactive advice on business process re-engineering projects so that you can maximise benefits whilst minimising the risks
  • Help you to measure project management performance and overall success.

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