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Education Risk Management

Education establishments work exceptionally hard to keep children safe, be that in the classroom or on a field trip to a local castle or museum.  It’s stating the obvious, but that’s achieved through good Risk Management and it tends to come naturally.

But, what about the areas where it’s not quite so easy to identify risks and take action to control them?  Good Risk Management doesn’t just link to one area of what you do, it is linked to everything you do!  It’s a tool that can help you to focus your effort and resource and is designed to help you achieve your objectives.

We have found that the concept of Organisational Risk Management is not as prevalent in education as it should perhaps be.  Very few Governing Boards are given sight of a Risk Register and for every school that has a Risk Register, there are at least as many that do not, resulting in a weak point in Leadership and Governance.  Within Academies, Trust Boards are required to comply with the Charities Commission CC26 Guidance and we can help with that.

There are many questions for you to ask! What action is being taken to maintain or increase pupil numbers? What happens if all of your staff get the flu? What happens if your communication is not up to scratch?

To help you improve your Risk Management Framework and Processes we have developed support options based delivered by trained and qualified Risk Management specialists, who will very quickly have your Risk Management practices working for you.

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